Developing the Role of Advice Services in Health

18 July, 2014

Amidst mounting evidence of both the adverse health impact of social welfare legal problems and the beneficial health impact of receiving good advice, Youth Access and The Baring Foundation led a highly successful roundtable event on 3 July with advice networks, policy makers, funders and academics to consider the potential role of advice services within the context of the new NHS and public health landscape.

The key questions for the event were:
• What have we learned about the links between health and advice?
• What are the challenges/barriers to integrating advice within health?
• What are the opportunities ahead?
• What do we need to do next?

Read the report from the event

Youth Access is now working with some of those present, including the Department of Health, to explore how best to take forward the many ideas raised during the event, such as identifying champions for advice from within the health sector, demonstrating how advice fits within care pathways and adopting consistent outcome tools (e.g. Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale) across the advice sector.

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