Our core values and principles

We advocate the delivery of services within a framework of nationally agreed values, core principles and standards, which Youth Access members agree to abide by in their work.

Youth Access believes services must:

  • Recognise and value individual differences
  • Recognise and be sensitive to the growing autonomy of each young person
  • Respect every young person's right to be a voluntary participant in any helping process
  • Recognise the potential of each young person.

Statement of Core Principles

  • Young people are central to the service and member agencies are committed to responding to their needs.
  • Member agencies believe that young people have a right of access to quality information, advice and counselling services.
  • The basis on which young people are able to make use of a service is made clear to each of them individually and a contract is agreed where appropriate.
  • Member agencies of Youth Access aim to empower young people and treat them with respect based on an understanding of their individual culture and background.
  • In all aspects of their work, member agencies of Youth Access aim to counter the oppression and discrimination faced by young people.
  • Member agencies of Youth Access are working towards equality of access for all young people for whom their service is designed.
  • Member agencies of Youth Access take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and well being of young people and workers in an agency.
  • Member agencies of Youth Access are committed to ensuring their workers are competent to perform the range and depth of duties offered by the agency and provide a framework for staff development that includes support, supervision and training.
  • Member agencies of Youth Access are committed to establishing and maintaining procedures for monitoring and evaluating the service they provide.