Supporting young people to create change in their local community

After completing Make Our Rights Reality’s RIGHTS programme, young people will be able to engage in rights-focussed social action projects in order to embed, deepen and spread their learning.

MORR’s ACTION programme will give young people opportunities to work collectively in their communities to address social injustice, focussing on causes they feel passionate about.  

We believe that MORR’s unique combination of public legal education and youth social action will act to reinforce key skills, knowledge, confidence and attitudes, enabling young people to participate in society as informed, responsible and active citizens whilst improving public policy and practice. 

MORR’s hubs will initially offer the following core menu of social action activities:

  • Peer education – young people passing on the knowledge and skills they have learned about how to deal with legal problems to other young people through structured sessions and activities
  • Social policy projects – investigating local services’ respect for young people’s rights; highlighting the results; and working with service planners, policy-makers and the community to improve practice
  • Campaigning – raising awareness of issues concerning young people’s rights and making the case for changes that would improve services, strengthen young people’s rights or ensure access to justice