Developing young people’s problem-solving skills

Gaining knowledge of rights and responsibilities at an early age is essential if young people are to grow into informed and responsible citizens capable of dealing independently with life’s problems, exercising their rights and playing a positive and active role in society.

However, research shows that young people are less likely than other age groups to be aware of their basic rights, understand ‘the system’ or know where to get advice. 

Make Our Rights Reality’s RIGHTS training programme is designed to build the ‘legal capability’ of young people by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to tackle their everyday rights problems.

MORR focuses on engaging young people aged 15 to 25 who are outside formal education. It particularly targets young people with mental health difficulties, young people at risk of exploitation or abuse and young people with experience of the care system, although any young person in our delivery areas is very welcome to participate. 

The core RIGHTS course will be delivered through MORR’s hubs and is based around our unique 6-step RIGHTS approach:

Recognise the problem

Identify your rights

Get help

Have a plan

Take action

Stay in control

The RIGHTS course will be the main way in to the MORR programme for young people, but it has not been designed to stand alone. MORR’s ACTION and VOICE programmes complement the training to embed knowledge and further empower young people.