A national platform for youth-led campaigns across the country

Young people complain of being fobbed off by council departments that were established to protect them, shut out of mental health services, exploited by employers, singled out for benefit sanctions – and ignored when they try to speak up. 

Later this year, Make Our Rights Reality will launch a national campaign network of young people speaking up for their rights. Youth Access will be recruiting young people to lead this work and will establish a steering group of young people who will decide on the topics for campaigns. 

Involvement in the campaign network will be open to young people across the country, including those who have participated in MORR’s RIGHTS and ACTION programmes. 

Our long-term ambition is to build a national youth rights movement in the UK. 

An independent evaluation of MORR will aim to identify the effectiveness of MORR’s approach and we will conduct policy work aimed at persuading policy-makers and funders of the benefits of young people developing legal capability.