Webinar: How can we strategically react to the coronavirus crisis?

The outbreak of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has plunged us into an unprecedented crisis. The youth advice and counselling sector is facing a host of challenges, from a pivot to remote working and the effect of the crisis on young people's mental health to critical pressures on funding.

As the national membership organisation for youth information, advice and counselling services, Youth Access is working to ensure that the sector is equipped to meet the challenges we face. As part of our response to the current situation, we are organising a series of webinars to provide members with a forum to discuss challenges, share ideas and practices and find opportunities to work together on collective resources and campaigns.

The first webinar will bring together senior managers to look at strategic considerations including service delivery, funding, and remote working for staff.

Who is the webinar for?

This webinar has been organised for senior managers (CEOs, directors and co-ordinators) of youth information, advice and counselling services (YIACS) in the UK. The webinar is exclusive to Youth Access members. Find out how your organisation can become a member here.

What will the webinar cover?

In the webinar we will look at questions like:

  • What approaches have Youth Access members taken to service delivery during the lockdown?
  • How has funding been affected, what responses have come from funders and what steps are members taking to mitigate the impact of lost funds?
  • How have members organised remote working for staff and what issues and gaps have arisen?
  • The webinar will be a participatory space where each participant will have the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas.

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