Call for case studies: Adapting mental health and wellbeing support for young people during lockdown

The past couple of months have been an immense challenge to everyone in our country - but the youth advice and counselling sector has adapted admirably to ensure young people can access the support they need. At Youth Access, it has been inspiring to hear from managers and practitioners at YIACS up and down the country on how they are overcoming the obstacles of lockdown and social distancing to continue delivering much-needed services.

With this in mind, we are looking for case studies from members on your experience of supporting young people’s mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus lockdown. We would be extremely grateful if you could submit a short case study with key information on how your organisation has adapted to the lockdown to help us promote the excellent work YIACS are doing to support young people at this difficult time, and support other members with their coronavirus responses.

These case studies will provide vital information that will improve our understanding of members’ experience of adapting their services to the lockdown restrictions, gathering valuable learning, celebrating successes, highlighting common challenges, and sharing practical tips and essential advice. Whether you feel you have been able to effectively adapt your services, struggled to continue support or are somewhere in between, your case studies will give invaluable insight and help shine a light on where support is needed now and in the future.

We will use the case studies, and quotes from the case studies, for: 

  • A (live), evidence-based package for Youth Access members and the wider sector to support them to provide safe, accessible digital support to young people during the coronavirus outbreak and beyond;
  • A research briefing, summarising the findings of a rapid review of current research into remote interventions to support young people’s mental health;
  • Policy recommendations with project partner organisations, aimed at local and national decision-makers.

These resources are aimed at supporting Youth Access members who are working as hard as possible to continue supporting young people during the coronavirus outbreak, based on good practice and real-life experience.  

If you would like to share your experiences, please fill in the online case study submission form. You don’t have to cover every question if they are not relevant to your organisation – only answer the questions you are able to, and that apply to your organisation’s experience. The deadline for case studies is Wednesday 13 May 2020.

Can't submit a case study right now? We're still interested in hearing from you! We have also put together a quick survey to get further detail on the costs and logistics of all our members’ experiences of adapting to the lockdown. Whether you are able to send a case study or not, we would be very grateful if you could spare some time to fill this out with the information you have to hand. The survey questions are included in the same online form as the case study submission - you can complete either section, or both of them, as you see fit.

We know that now is a particularly busy and challenging time for members, so if you would prefer we can collect your experiences over the phone. If this is the case, please contact with some times that would suit you before 13 May and a number to call, and we’ll be in touch.

Please note that there is no guarantee answers will be included as case studies in publications. We may have to cut down / edit answers. 

Submit your case study

If you would like to submit a case study but don't have time right now, please send us a quick e-mail so we know to look out for your case study further down the line.