Integrated Quality Project

Youth Access is supporting ‘Future in Mind’s’ vision for young people’s mental health and wellbeing services by improving their access to high quality, nationally recognised models of integrated provision based on the Youth Information, Advice and Counselling Services (YIACS) model.

Through the IQ Project, Youth Access’ ambition is to lead improvements in the planning, commissioning and delivery of accessible, flexible and holistic services to young people through the development of a “national service framework” for YIACS.

The Benefits

The new framework, alongside a ‘charter’ for young people will help support the delivery of high quality responses to young people’s mental health, wellbeing and other needs. This will bring benefits to all those with a stake in the delivery of YIACS.

  • Young people will have access to better information about what they should expect as a minimum from a YIACS - wherever they live. 
  • Local providers will have a national benchmark for the YIACS model; enabling them to plan and manage their services to meet agreed minimum requirements and providing a tool in negotiations with funders and commissioners
  • Local planning and commissioning will be informed by access to a national service specification for YIACS
  • Youth Access will have the option of setting membership criteria based on a nationally agreed framework

Key activities

  • Regional consultation events with providers and commissioners to help shape and inform the development of the national framework
  • Recruitment of young people in local YIACS to help inform the development of the framework and produce a young people’s YIACS’ “charter”
  • Invitations to YIACS to publically sign up to the delivery of the young people’s ‘charter’
  • Development of a commissioning specification for YIACS
  • Events with providers and commissioners to support local implementation of the framework