We have a new logo and a new look

We've had a bit of an update and today we unveil our new logo and our new look.

Youth Access has been alive and kicking for 5 decades and has been sporting our old logo for a significant number of them - so we thought it about time we had a bit of a refresh!

Members will shortly receive our new assets via email for use on websites, email signatures, collaborative projects and more. The new assets include a package of exclusive badges for members. Please forward these resources to the marketing guru's in your organisation. If you haven't received them please get in touch with our Community Communications Officer Jessica at jessica@youthaccess.org.uk.

We hope that the new assets will enable you to celebrate being a part of a rich and diverse network of services across the UK, providing crucial services for young people. 

With our little spring clean come's a whole lot more. Beyond our new logo lies a shiny new website, launching very soon. The new site will host a range of new features, including a Member Area where you'll be able to connect with fellow services and access exclusive publications, training and resources.

Several members have been involved in the development process and will continue to shape the space during the final stages. The new site will truly amplify the way we support our members and we can't wait for you to see it.