Advice and rights

As the recognised national body for youth advice services, we act as a focal point for organisations and government departments interested in young people’s access to advice on rights-based issues, such as housing, homelessness, welfare benefits, debt and employment.

We have built up a comprehensive evidence-base relating to young people’s needs for advice, their advice-seeking behaviour and the impact of advice. This has included exploring the links between young people’s legal advice needs and mental health. We have also published a number of briefings and resources promoting good practice in youth advice work.

We campaign for changes to Government policy that will improve young people’s access to advice. In 2009 we set up JustRights, a coalition of charities campaigning for fair access to advice, advocacy and legal representation for children and young people. 

In 2015 we published young people’s Make Our Rights Reality manifesto, setting out the change demanded by young people themselves.

In January 2017 we launched the Make Our Rights Reality programme, aimed at equipping young people to tackle their problems and influence policy through a unique combined approach to public legal education and youth social action.

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