Going Digital

This guide has arisen out of the DigiTalk project, a one year Health Education England funded programme, which aimed to increase the capacity of 15 local Youth Information, Advice and Counselling Services (YIACS) to provide an online counselling service.

Part of the project involved the service managers of the organisations regularly meeting to share knowledge and learning throughout their journeys. This guide has been produced as a result, so that other providers can benefit from their experiences.

Please note that this is not a fool-proof guide to designing and implementing an online service. Each local area and service will be different: with its own set of individual needs and challenges. We do hope however, that it will offer a good starting point in your thinking around an online offer.

We would like to give a special thank you to Off the Record in Croydon, who very generously shared their knowledge, experience and online platform with the rest of the group, and without whom the project, and this guide, would not exist.

Download the full guide here