Young people need support more than ever...

Young people are facing several ‘once in a generation’ crises at the same time.

Young people are telling us now more than ever that the complex intertwined issues that they face can compound their experiences surrounding their mental health and wellbeing

Simone Spray, CEO at 42nd Street, Youth Access member

Historic increases in the costs of housing and basic goods, the aftermath of a global pandemic and a decade of under-investment in support services creates a perfect storm for young people as they manage the journey into adulthood.

At Youth Access, we fight to make sure that every young person can access help with problems from debt and housing to depression and anxiety, all under one roof, in their local community.

We involve and centre the voices and lived experience of young people. 

But don't just take our word for it - Ruberta, a Youth Access Rights Advocate, tells us her personal story of why she's been working alongside the Youth Access team, and why what we're trying to achieve is so important.

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We have a simple theory. If we provide holistic support for young people at the earliest opportunity in the most accessible way, young people will become self-reliant and ready for adult life and we’ll prevent problems getting bigger and lasting longer

Dan Mobbs, CEO at MAP, Youth Access member

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