Driving equity across services

We know that our members have better reach to young people from some of the worst-served groups than statutory services, but there is much more to be done.

Driving equity through greater engagement with least-heard and worst-served groups is one of our key strategic goals. At present young people from worst-served groups face barriers to support, with services often not designed for, or reflective of them.

We know our members have better reach to young people from some of the worst served groups than statutory services. Still, much more needs to be done to dismantle institutional and systemic barriers and discrimination, improve members’ understanding and provision, and spread good practice.

Take a look at some of the projects we've been working on to drive equity across services.

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  • Addressing racial injustice

    Addressing racial injustice

    Equality and non-discrimination are central to everything we do at Youth Access. We work to challenge systems of racial injustice, including in the mental health system. 

  • Community of Practice

    Community of Practice

    The Community of Practice for developing more racially responsive services is a series of training sessions taking place over the course of 5-weeks.

  • Equal Access in Mind

    Equal Access in Mind

    This project aimed to tackle the rising mental health need amongst young women by increasing their access to high-quality, gender-informed, young person-centred services in their local communities.  

  • Right 2B Safe

    Right 2B Safe

    Right 2B Safe was launched to identify and support young people experiencing or at risk of abuse and neglect, including domestic violence and child sexual exploitation.