Rewatch our General Election briefing webinar

12 Jun 2024

What does the General Election mean for your service? Rewatch our essential briefing session for members ahead of the General Election.

A General Election has been called for July 4th - but what does this mean for your service and the young people you work with? 

This essential briefing session will help you prepare for the snap General Election and covers a range of topics, including youth voter registration, the rules for charity campaigning, youth activism and establishing relationships with candidates.

Election Webinar Sneak Peak

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We also share initiatives, such as the "Give an X" campaign and "Our Generation, Our Vote," and discuss the importance of maintaining neutrality and transparency during the election period. 

The session concludes with a discussion on the value of quality over quantity in engagement strategy, the preparation of a manifesto focusing on youth and social welfare, and concerns about guidance from the Electoral and Charity Commissions.

Watch the Election Webinar

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We've also put together a handy follow-up resource, General Election 2024 Top Tips.