How to use the Forum

Discover the space dedicated to connecting the diverse youth advice and counselling community.

The Youth Access Forum is designed exclusively for the youth advice and counselling community to help members connect with similar services nationally to collaborate and share learning, experiences and advice. We've put together a handy tutorial and selection of FAQs to help you make the most of the space.

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You can use the Forum to:

  • Connect with YIACS staff in similar roles 
  • Gain valuable insights and learn from peers' experiences 
  • Collaborate on projects, share resources and opportunities
  • Engage in meaningful conversations and discussions on relevant topics 

Forum FAQs

Who can post on the Youth Access Forum?

Anyone can post or reply to a thread on the Forum. All posts and replies will come through to the Youth Access team for approval - as long as your post is respectful, relevant and/or useful to the YIACS community it will be approved shortly. 

Will I be notified if someone replies to my post?

If you're a member and logged into your account, yes! Members can sign up for notifications to any thread of interest.

If you're a guest, we recommend adding the Forum to your favourites tab so that you can regularly check for updates. 

Can I edit my post?

When logged in, members can edit previous questions and comments.

Can I share documents and useful links in my post?

Anyone can share relevant links on the Forum. Logged in members are also able to upload files.