What to expect

Youth Information, Advice and Counselling Services (YIACS) are independent, locally-managed services, usually located somewhere easy to access, like a local high street or town centre.

You may be able to call or simply drop in and have a chat with a staff member to find support. Youth Access YIACS usually offer a range of advice, group work and therapies so they can help you with issues ranging from money worries to your mental health.

They’re connected by a set of shared values and principles:

  1. Trust and respect
  2. Honesty and consistency
  3. Hope and optimism

When you seek support through your local YIACS, you can expect:

  • Free, easily accessible support, in person and online
  • Your feedback to be listened to
  • Opportunities to get involved in shaping services
  • Your welfare to be safeguarded
  • Your privacy to be respected

If there isn’t currently a service near you, there are national services available to help. We continue to call for investment in community-based services like YIACS in every area, most recently as part of the national Fund the Hubs coalition campaign alongside several other charities.